GolfingInTheUSA Membership

Membership Benefits
Keep your local golfing community up to date on your upcoming events. Includes Event location, event name, detail about the event and post/view results
When entering an event, you have several choices on the Type of Event including Scramble, Stableford Point System and more....

GolfingintheUSA will completly take care of maintaining the Points system for you. Also, it allows your players to view his/her Points to Pull for the next event.
If you are hosting a Scramble event, GolfingintheUSA will select the pairing for you, saving you a lot on time on each event. You have the option of using handicaps or a GUSA golfer rating system (A,B,C,D player).

On all events, you have the option of entering pictures into the system for your players to enjoy. We all like to see our name as well as image on the Internet.

You also have the option of entering Specials and current Club News to keep your players up to date.

You can check out all the upcoming events as well as results from previous events. You can also view you current Points to Pull, Handicap, Player Rating and more.....

Also, check out the latest Club News and Clubhouse Specials!

The price for this service is only $500.00 for a whole year, unlimited events and unlimited players.
This price includes Secure hosting in the clouds!

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